Making summer studying social

Adobe Express partnered with Magnet to host a promotional learning challenge over summer break. When influencers got involved, the contest got top grades.

The Adobe Education team needed to introduce their software, Adobe Express*, to parents who wanted their K-12 kids to be able to exercise more creativity in completing over-the-summer assignments. Adobe had a robust strategy for traditional channels, but Magnet recommended piloting an influencer program as a strategic channel for new audience exposure.

Magnet partnered with the Adobe Express (previously named Adobe Spark) and the Adobe Education teams to create a summer book report contest campaign. As part of the campaign, Magnet led a co-creation effort with a select group of parent influencers to create promotional content to activate their audiences. The influencers used Adobe tools with their families to create an authentic content experience allowing us to engage with and encourage followers and fans to make creative book reports using Adobe Express. Entrants could win $500 in prizes.

Using our THINK / MAKE / REACH approach, Magnet rocketed past our initial goals: visitors to the Adobe Express site were nearly double our target mark, and video views were triple the target, with the result of getting Adobe Express in front of a new audience of eager customers. Across the campaign (including micro-sites, social content, and media) the influencer results  were undeniable: 93% of the audience reached was net NEW to Adobe Express.

The audience unlocking results were so exciting that Adobe renewed the campaign for the following year.

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Making recruiting more inclusive

Greenhouse announced the launch of Greenhouse Inclusion—a set of features meant to “operationalize” inclusion practices for hiring. Magnet created films to introduce Greenhouse's new products.

Closing the racial wealth gap

On Juneteenth, OneUnited Bank, the nation's largest Black-owned bank, hosted a virtual event to educate its community on creating financial security.
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