Giving youth a voice

How can Adobe continue to inspire young adults to address social issues and provide tools for storytelling that creates change?

Adobe looked to Magnet to help launch their new initiative. Magnet worked with young adults and educators that were part of the AYV program to highlight their purposeful art through a series of micro-documentary films. Notable mong the films were two Adobe Youth Voices Award winners: Rebecca Dharmapalan’s work, which exposes the harsh reality of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) in her hometown of Oakland, CA. We told the story of Brandon Charlton, whose top prize-winning documentary focuses on the chronic issue of bullying in schools.

This series is still a cornerstone of the Adobe Youth Voices program and used to highlight the outcomes that can happen when Adobe partners with the next generation of storytellers. Along with the series being picked up and featured on various media sites such as Mashable, it continues to inspire young adults to use their art to take action.    

Upon the launch, Dharmapalan’s documentary, International Boulevard, was featured on Mashable, introduced by the video we produced for Adobe. It received thousands of views within days and just as many social shares.

Lee Hirsch, director of the documentary, Bully, featured Brandon as Upstander of the Week on The Bully Project Facebook page and linked to our video featuring his story and work. Within hours, the post was shared through the community, earning more than 25,000 views, 1,450 likes, 450 shares, and 80 comments right away.

Internally, the reception to the approach has been acknowledged and embraced throughout Adobe. Employees are downloading the videos to use at town halls, employee meetings, new hire orientations, customer presentations, career fairs, and board meetings.

"The team at Magnet Media brought Adobe’s social purpose to life, and the results go beyond views and shares. The way people feel and react when they view these videos is what it’s all about. Employees express their pride to work here. Everyone wants to take action. They ask how they can help further the cause. We can’t help but believe these sentiments are also felt by our customers, partners, and the public."

Linda McNair, Communications Lead, Adobe

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