The Cedar brand launch

The emerging B2B healthcare startup that reimagines the payment process while streamlining the patient experience needed an eye-catching debut.

“Thanks again for a really wonderful experience. The early photos look awesome, and I loved the team you assembled to get this done!” -Bethany Hale, Head of Marketing at Cedar

When Cedar engaged Magnet, it was a few months before the pandemic. No one knew that our healthcare system—and its efficiency—would be so tested. Meanwhile, the healthcare industry—especially the B2B side of it—was cluttered with boring brands that led with technical jargon and tired imagery. As a newcomer, how could Cedar stand out?

Bethany Hale, Cedar’s Head of Marketing, had the innovative idea to build the brand while acquiring customers. Magnet helped them execute this plan.

Working with Cedar’s internal team, Magnet produced a range of beautiful and compelling visual assets—all captured with the strictest COVID safety protocols on set. This integrated marketing approach with original photography, video, and virtual events, titled Cedar Talks, challenged B2B norms. And the calculated risk paid dividends: in June 2020, Cedar raised another $100mil+ in their Series C from prominent investors like Andressen Horowitz. We were proud to be a part of Cedar's foundational strategy and thrilled at this amazing milestone in their brand story.

Magnet's work remains at the core of Cedar’s content strategy and we remain a trusted partner. Recently, Cedar wanted help in celebrating Yale New Haven Health’s patient-centric journey. We created two promotional videos that captured patient interactions and interviewed Yale New Haven executives to show an overview of the expansive impact Cedar had on building a great patient experience. 

Outcomes & Deliverables

  • Launched the Cedar’s into the public’s eye and continue to build their brand through content 
  • Created a suite of brand stock photography
  • Captured two customer testimonials
  • Created a set of 10 thought leadership videos

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