Chase Credit Talk

In collaboration with Chase Credit Journey, Magnet swiftly brought to life an educational podcast tailored for Gen Z, focused on financial wellness.

The "Chase Credit Talk" podcast was strategically designed for diverse distribution, ensuring accessibility beyond conventional platforms. From concept to launch in just three months, the franchise experienced an immediate success upon its September 2023 debut, leading to the greenlight for a second season in 2024.

The podcast's strategic focus centers on Gen Z, delivering invaluable insights into financial well-being while utilizing influencers and celebrities for maximum impact. Through a diverse distribution strategy, the podcast reaches the target audience in their preferred content consumption spaces.

The initial success of "Chase Credit Talk" is evident in robust audience engagement and positive feedback. Metrics such as listener base, engagement rates, and social media reach substantiate its impact. The approval for a second season in 2024 signifies its sustained potential.

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