Women have always been powerful

CHIEF hired Magnet to produce a moving self-filmed piece around their mission of connecting and supporting women executive leaders.

Chief is the only private membership network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders. When they first engaged us, it was early in the pandemic. –and they wanted to connect members who were navigating new leadership challenges, to celebrate an incredible year of organizational growth, while building brand awareness and impact –by featuring stories of their members.

Magnet Media was part of the CHIEF organization from Day 1, so we have an intimate understanding of its impact. We wanted to help CHIEF expand its community.

The creative collaboration began with a brand anthem film as a rallying cry for the membership. Using compelling casting and a strategic approach to releasing it on social platforms, we created an unprecedented opportunity for members to connect to the organization’s mission.

Our social storytelling approach led to the brand anthem being the number one most viewed and engaged with piece of content on their LinkedIn page. We also produced individual member stories, with keyword-targeted social cut-downs and timely content to keep CHIEF engaged in the conversation among members and other constituents.

  • 400% growth in membership, Nationwide Brand Recognition, Expanded Video Series
  • 11 total pieces of content, with over 25 hours of footage delivered to CHIEF including a Brand Anthem, 5 Member Stories, and Social Cutdowns

Outcomes & Deliverables

  • 11 total pieces of content, with over 25 hours of footage delivered to CHIEF including a brand anthem, five member stories, and social cutdowns 
  • 400% growth in membership, nationwide brand recognition, expanded video series

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Making recruiting more inclusive

Greenhouse announced the launch of Greenhouse Inclusion—a set of features meant to “operationalize” inclusion practices for hiring. Magnet created films to introduce Greenhouse's new products.

Closing the racial wealth gap

On Juneteenth, OneUnited Bank, the nation's largest Black-owned bank, hosted a virtual event to educate its community on creating financial security.

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