Producing the cultural conversation

Magnet was at Complex (Con)versations to document two days of insightful conversations with cultural influencers and tastemakers in order to make these talks more widely available.

With the intent to generate thoughts, actions, emotions, and advocacy that lived beyond the two day event, we launched a series of videos featuring the event's luminaries and hot topics.


Complex is about making and documenting the culture and moment we share. Every year, they host an annual convention where their community gathers to listen to industry innovators, celebrities, and influencers discuss topics that span across interests abut share social currency. They wanted to take their annual event to digital audiences and preserve these conversations for future viewers.


Magnet developed roundtable panel sessions that could be captured and transformed into broadcast-ready episodes and published on Youtube. We collaborated with the Complex team to make each episode embody the look and feel of the brand, and created discussion questions that would entice Complex’s audiences to engage in the conversation online.

Over the course of two days, Magnet’s dedicated teams captured 16 panels and behind-the-scenes shots of the event and speakers.

Outcomes & Deliverables

  • Transformed how they provide content to audiences and grew their digital presence
  • 540,000+ views & 1,400+ comments from all 16 video episodes on YouTube

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