Empowering disruptive investing

Together with Global X Funds, we created an insights-driven content series providing financial literacy for exchange-traded fund investors.

Global X Funds is a provider of exchange-traded funds that enables investors access to investment opportunities across the global markets. Leveraging Global X Funds’s thought leadership, the firm broke down complex investment strategies that they undertake to drive positive returns.

With research-focused interviews, subject matter experts explained why and how Global X developed their classification system for thematic investing, and how it can guide investors seeking to incorporate disruptive themes in their portfolios.


Global X is an ETF (exchange-traded fund) provider that believes in empowering investors. They wanted to reach savvy investors whose values align with their business principles of investing in under-explored, intelligent solutions.


Magnet highlighted Global X’s thought leadership in the ETF market through a series of short, research-focused videos showcasing insights from their employees. We strategically chose employees who were subject matter experts and could explain the company’s classification system for thematic investing.

Through carefully crafted scripts and visual animations, we helped their team break down the complex investment strategies that Global X undertakes to drive positive returns. In a day, Magnet was able to film eight thought leadership videos.

Outcomes & Deliverables

These videos informed investors seeking to incorporate disruptive themes into their portfolios, showing them that Global X was the perfect partner for doing so.

By publishing the video series on LinkedIn, we drove engagement among a wide-ranging community of investors. The content helped raise awareness of Global X products and performed well as part of paid LinkedIn campaigns.

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Making recruiting more inclusive

Greenhouse announced the launch of Greenhouse Inclusion—a set of features meant to “operationalize” inclusion practices for hiring. Magnet created films to introduce Greenhouse's new products.

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On Juneteenth, OneUnited Bank, the nation's largest Black-owned bank, hosted a virtual event to educate its community on creating financial security.

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