Stories from Talent Makers

Greenhouse partnered with Magnet to launch a campaign in which thought starters in the hiring space told their “Best & Worst Hiring Stories” on their social platforms of choice.

Topics for discussion included how to humanize the hiring process, identifying and promoting transferable skills, how to stop focusing on perfection and follow your instincts, and handling tough hiring situations.

Magnet recruited eight influencers specializing in hiring and recruitment in different tiers of followings, from nano to macro, 2k to over 700k. The influencers were given topics to discuss but allowed to post the type of content best suited to their audience and their channel of choice.

Using mostly video posts, April Little (14,658 followers) on LinkedIn received with 14% engagement, outperforming her benchmarks by a multiplier of 22.

On TikTok, Boris K. (700k+ followers) leaned into the platform’s Trends topic. Reach is one of the most important TikTok metrics to consider when measuring performance and one video from Boris reached over 20,000 people. The engagement rate of nearly 30% eclipsed TikTok’s standard benchmark by 10X.

In the end, the campaign helped popularize the concept of Talent Makers in hiring, as well as the book Talent Makers. It also positioned Greenhouse as a leader not just for recruitment tools, but for hiring strategies.

@careerwithboris #ad Starting to see the bigger picture of hiring thanks to @greenhousesoftware #iamatalentmaker #jobsearch #ad ♬ Fashionable and sweet sounding R & B(822411) - sounds track lab
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