A bookish cocktail hour

HarperOne turned a new page on community events by going digital but staying devoted to readers with a cozy, remote party to promote its newest titles.

HarperCollins is one of the Big Five publishing companies in America. In 2021, they needed to pivot their annual private event, which introduces distributors to the publisher's book catalog, into a digital community event. Magnet adapted the event to the new normal by introducing a virtual cocktail hour, complete with a lounge, music, fireside chats, and several surprises.

The format allowed HarperCollins to introduce book authors to their key constituents while also providing them with entertaining experiences. The event was a hit and received rave reviews from all participants. Afterward, we continued the conversation with participants via email and video posts across multiple channels. 

Due to the overwhelming success of the experience, HarperOne made virtual events a pillar of their engagement strategy moving forward. Magnet and HarperOne continue to host virtual events to celebrate the publisher's authors.

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