Explaining IBM's world-changing Watson

Magnet Media created an animated video explaining how IBM Watson brings together the many moving pieces of big data in one powerful program.

Magnet helped IBM’s target audience visualize the power of their technology through a mixed media film. Animated visuals displayed the precise capabilities of IBM Watson, while live footage seamlessly navigated viewers through the storyline about how technological insights could help businesses better understand their customers.

The film transformed a complex AI technology into a straightforward and human product. Our collaboration with IBM was so successful that when IBM Watson was featured in Ad Age, they used our video as the product explainer.

Ultimately we accomplished IBM’s goal of creating an understandable approach to a complicated piece of technology. The video worked so well, that when IBM Watson was featured in Ad Age, they used our video as the product explainer.

In addition to the article in Ad Age, it was the video was also featured in a Cynopsis Digital newsletter and tweeted by the CMO of IBM herself!

Outcomes & Deliverables

  • IBM strengthened customer relationships through a clear product explainer video
  • Video featured in Ad Age and Cynopsis Digital

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