Rent the Runway's entrepreneurial event

Magnet helped produce Rent the Runway's three-day summit to empower, educate, and connect women entrepreneurs.

Project Entrepreneur is Rent the Runway’s biggest event, bringing together hundreds of entrepreneurs for workshops designed to empower them to take their vision and skills to the next level. Emerging business owners were given the chance to connect with one another and share their ideas in a stylish and action-packed three-day summit in New York.


Rent the Runway needed to document the highlights of Project Entrepreneur both to showcase this unique event and to encourage future applications. In order to make this event live beyond these three days, Magnet  partnered with Project Entrepreneur to capture the magic on camera. Magnet oversaw the content strategy for the event, which focused on creating a variety of interactions and unique experiences for event-goers.


Magnet used a variety of camera angles and techniques to capture individual expert interviews, engaging panel discussions, audience reactions, and presentations. We spoke with attendees and speakers to capture their views on the event, and asked them to share advice for entrepreneurs who were unable to attend, creating a catalog of video assets that were equally exciting and educational. We created a three-minute press reel on Sunday, less than 24 hours after the event wrapped, so Rent the Runway could maximize buzz and excitement around their event.

Our digital engagement strategy following Project Entrepreneur led to multiple features in the tech and finance press. The series of expertly produced videos garnered tremendous excitement and generated new applicant and sponsorship interest for the coming year. Magnet helped ensure that Rent the Runway’s entrepreneur-focused initiative lived beyond the three-day event itself.

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