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  • Mastered the art of storytelling and won the hearts & minds of your customers
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  • Bred a disrupter brand and can’t wait to inspire others to make bold moves
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About our community

The State of the Story 2022 is a trends report produced by Magnet Media and a community that connects top marketers, tech leaders and leading creatives. We gather each month to master the transition from advertising to brand storytelling... and to discuss the latest trends impacting our work.

"Was such a great conversation and educational day from Magnet Media."
Bethany Hale, Head of Marketing, Cedar
"Thank you so much for including me in The State of the Story, and for making me feel so welcome. What an incredible group of leaders. It was an honor to be included with them. Every speaker opened my mind to something new. You can't ask for more than that."
Carl Loeb, VP, Group Creative Director, Salesforce
"Fantastic day spent talking #storymaking for #storytelling with some of the best of the best."
Eden Hoffman, Communications & Policy, Cross River Bankr

About Magnet

Magnet Media is a global brand studio that uses storytelling and data to drive measurable business results. Our team is made up of world-class strategists and creative thinkers who use our THINK / MAKE / REACH process to develop a marketing strategy, world-class content, and go-to-market distribution strategies for our clients. Much of our work starts with video storytelling and is distributed across all platforms—appearing in the top media outlets, shared by influential community members, and rising to the top of the search rankings. Recently we've produced award-winning campaigns for clients like Google, Adobe, Chase, Goldman Sachs, Airbnb, IBM, CitiGroup, Carbon, The TED Talks, Politico, Blackrock, TIAA, YouTube, MIT Tech Press, and more.

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