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Britt Burritt


Britt Burritt is a content czarina for beloved brands (Nordstrom, Sur La Table, Microsoft, and Magnet, of course). Her current title is director of creative and content, but she has always liked to dress things up with words. (A gilded lily is her favorite flower.) Her stories and social posts have reached millions, garnering thousands of likes on social and at least as many snotty comments!

In the early aughts, Britt got her start writing Nordstrom catalogs. Later she became an editor at the out-to-pun-the-world website Daily Candy, where she fell in love with the speed and connectedness of online media. She helped launch a social news site at MSN. Later she returned to Nordstrom as a senior editor on the fashion team, before becoming copy director at Sur La Table.

Britt now oversees Magnet’s website, newsletter, social accounts, and sundry other content needs. Her work here ideally combines her passions for media, tech, culture, and storytelling.

Britt studied Classics at the University of Washington but can no longer conjugate herself out of a Pandora’s Box. She went on to get a Master’s in digital media and communications, focusing on short-form filmmaking and content strategy. Contrary to parental opinions, her degrees have advanced her career, as she rarely encounters words she can’t spell or define, and when TikTok becomes the modern library of Alexandria she’ll be poised to adapt all the ancient dramatists.

Britt lives in Seattle with her husband and young son, where they enjoy the beauty of the PNW from a small boat or their backyard. An amateur baker, ceramicist, and author, she is also a collector of oven burns, lumpy vases, and unpublished fiction.


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Our team will audit, analyze, plan, and measure your content to reach your target audience and goals. And once we do, we can help you pivot and stretch your strategy to achieve a lasting brand narrative.

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For twenty years we've specialized in documentary filmmaking and photojournalism. Our talent includes globally recognized filmmakers and artists.

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Magnet creates top-tier IPO Roadshow Films and creative assets for companies going public, collaborating closely with clients, their bankers, and the listing exchange to convey brands' stories, ensuring successful offerings with powerful narratives.

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