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Customer Storytelling: Who Does it Best?

The Top 10 Leading Brands Who Tell Their Story Through the Voices of Their Customers

When producing customer stories, it is essential to create emotionally impactful narratives that align with brand guidelines and authentically reflect the customer's perspective.

When producing customer stories, it is crucial to ensure that the stories have a personal and emotional impact on the viewer. They also have to follow brand guidelines – and feel authentic to the customer who is telling the story. The following brands are inspiring examples of successful customer storytelling through micro-documentaries:

1. Adobe

Adobe empowers creators from diverse backgrounds to share their stories. Their customer stories highlight how Adobe products have helped individuals achieve personal and professional goals. By focusing on the impact of their products, Adobe is dedicated to fostering creativity and diversity within the creative community. View Case Study →

2. Apple

Apple is known for its high-quality customer stories, which are often featured prominently on their website and in their marketing campaigns. Their customer stories often focus on how their products have helped people fulfill their creative ambitions and overcome their challenges.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb is a company that produces excellent customer stories which showcase the unique experiences that people have had while using their platform. Their stories often focus on the connections and relationships that people have formed through their platform. 

4. Patagonia

Patagonia is a company that is known for its commitment to sustainability, and their customer stories often focus on people who share their commitment to value the Earth. Their stories often highlight how their products are helping people live a more sustainable lifestyle.

5. JPM Chase

Chase's mission is to provide unwavering support to their clients, particularly during tough financial times. Their stories often feature everyday people who have overcome financial challenges with the help of Chase's products and services. These stories demonstrate Chase's commitment to making a positive impact on their client's lives. View Case Study →


TIAA helps individuals in education, healthcare, and public service achieve financial well-being. Through their customer stories, they highlight inspiring individuals making a positive impact. It showcases the benefits of their services and how TIAA supports those who contribute to society. View Case Study →

7. Greenhouse

Greenhouse specializes in providing companies with the tools to make informed hiring decisions. Their customer stories showcase clients who have achieved their hiring goals with the help of Greenhouse software. By highlighting the impact of their tools, Greenhouse is helping to shape the future of recruiting. View Case Study →

8. The Knot

The Knot is a platform that supports couples throughout significant life stages, including wedding planning and building a home. Their customer stories highlight how The Knot has been an asset during these pivotal moments. View Case Study →

9. Shutterfly

Shutterfly's mission is to create and preserve memories for their customers. Their customer stories highlight individuals who have had positive experiences with Shutterfly products. View Case Study →

10. Babbel

Babbel offers language learning software to customers worldwide. Their customer stories highlight the intellectual and human benefits of learning a new language with their product. By focusing on the positive impact of language learning, Babbel is dedicated to helping people connect with the world around them. View Case Study →

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