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Unlocking the Power of Product Demos and Tutorials

Connecting Your Brand Story to Your Product

How to bridge the gap between your brand's narrative and your product's story. Harness the potential of product demos and tutorial videos to enhance usability and empower customers with confidence.

So, your company has already produced an amazing brand anthem, showcasing your identity, and followed that up with a thought leadership series. Your audience now understands what your brand stands for, its unique story. But how do you bridge the gap between your brand's narrative and your product's story? The answer is simple: by harnessing the potential of product demos and tutorial videos, one of the five essential video formats every brand should use.

Product demos and tutorials are informative video guides that walk users through a tech product's features and functionalities, providing hands-on instruction to enhance usability and address common challenges. A well-crafted video in this category can leverage the brand's credibility to great effect, equipping potential customers with the information they need to make confident purchasing decisions from a trusted brand.

There are multiple approaches to an effective product launch video, this product launch video uses sleek animations to guide customers through their journey while harnessing the power of JP Morgan's MSDK (Merchant Services Software Development Kit). By offering simple and concise instructions, it reinforces the reliable image that customers have come to trust - that of a globally experienced firm with a legacy of innovation and the ability to streamline financial tools used within their respective industries.

When Apple introduced their Apple Vision Pro, they leveraged a different approach. They created a captivating video that lasted just over 9 minutes, seamlessly blending augmented reality with real actors. This strategic move expertly showcased the product's technical excellence and captured the essence of the user experience. It also reaffirmed Apple's unwavering dedication to innovation, further solidifying the brand's identity that customers have come to rely on.

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